Sardine Run
South Africa

Join us for the oceans greatest event  of the year! These trips take place out of Port Saint John’s, South Africa, every year during the month of July.

Sardine Run Port St Johns South Africa

Join our tour organizer Nadia Aly and experience the exhilarating Sardine Run on the Wild Coast of South Africa, interacting with dolphins, whales, seals, penguins, sharks and birds chasing the Biggest Shoal on earth.

We provide a unique Sardine Run experience by focusing on small groups of only 5 clients per boat, working with very experienced skippers and guides, and providing best accommodation in Port St. Johns; all in an effort to create the very best Sardine Run tour we can.

Sardine Run South Africa

The Sardine Run Experience

The Sardine Run is an amazing experience — there is nothing quite like it. Most of the Sardine Run is done on snorkel; only when we find a static baitball do we get in the water with scuba.

Seeing an iconic sardine baitball in crystal-clear conditions with dolphins, sharks, whales and sea birds in a feeding frenzy is, in fact, quite rare. Film crews spend weeks out at sea over the course of a few years in search of the perfect baitball to get the footage regularly seen on television. Joining our experienced team ensures that you have the best chance of experiencing this remarkable phenomenon.

Your Tour Organizer: Nadia Aly

Nadia is an award winning underwater photographer who leads numerous expeditions around the world throughout the year.

What Makes Us Excellent

Small groups

We take a maximum of five clients. Other boats will carry up to 10 people, which can become an issue if you get a baitball. It’s best to work with a small group in an effort to not break up a precious bait ball.

Best operators

Our crew has over 20 years’ experience launching out of Port St. Johns.

Best Boats

The zodiacs we use are some of the fastest ones on the water and we keep them in great condition throughout the year. You won’t see better options.